Layout Design and Manufacturing Services

We have been involved in layout construction for many years as part of our model railway interests.
Experience in both DC, CAB Control and DCC installations.

Within our new workshop, Elite Layouts can construct baseboards of many variations,
open or closed frames, multi level. Let us supply your dream layout.

Our services include:

Layout Design

Baseboard Manufacture

Track Laying

Wiring – DC, CAB Control or DCC

Scenics and Backscenes

Training – One on One or Group

You can choose which of our services you require from the above list,
we offer training for everything we do, in half day and full day slots.

We accept many software systems for layout design, AnyRail, Trax, Wintrack, Scarm for PC and RailModeller for Mac.
Our main software we use is Anyrail, a very easy to learn system to construct the layout plans, we can design the layout for you from your drawings,
or help iron out any problems you might have from software you supply.

Our consultation costs are quoted on a job by job basis, which is refunded if you let us fully build your dream layout.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to use our Contact Us form and we will reply as soon as possible.